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Erotic Discovery Session

Erotic Discovery Session

Erotic Discovery Session

You know when you're in that place where you’re feeling uncomfortable in your skin and you can’t pinpoint exactly why? When you’re living your life like you always did, but you’re suddenly not feeling yourself like you used to? When you’re looking for your sexy, you can feel it within reach, but something inside you is just aching to be acknowledged before you can move on to the next level? It feels like a pulsing, a vibrating, it feels like your whole body is beating like your heart, and you don’t know what to do with that energy.

That's where I come in. With your Erotic Discovery Session, I will help you identify the areas that your erotic energy may be trying to emerge, or may be blocked/stuck, so that you can pinpoint where to focus your intentions for future coaching sessions.

These sessions are designed to help you:

  • get an intimate and honest look at your erotic self

  • receive insight into your stuck places

  • identify a direction for your sexual healing

  • receive a plan for your transformation

  • feel hopeful, energized and ready to find your flow

*This session can take place via video or in person.

Erotic Astrology Session

I have merged the insights and wisdom that I’ve gained from my shamanic, tantra and sacred intimacy training, with my 12 years of astrology training, to develop what I call Erotic Astrology Consultations. Using specific aspects of your natal chart, we will have a down to earth and easy conversation which will give you deeper insight into your erotic energy and inner wisdom. You will be given this insightful tool to:

  • align with your erotic life path

  • understand your erotic energy wisdom

  • deepen your emotional intelligence & responsibility

  • identify your shadow areas for growth

  • gain self acceptance

Erotic Astrology Session

Erotic Astrology Session

Although this session can stand alone, it will be of more benefit to you, if use it as a jumping off point for your sexual freedom coaching.

*Disclaimer: I am not a certified astrologist.

*This session can take place via video or in person.

Sexual Freedom Coaching

A coaching process I developed utilizing Erotic Astrology, Tantra Sacred Intimacy, Sacred Sexuality and Sex Education along with erotic embodiment practices.

These sessions involve:

  • Open, non-judgmental conversations about sex and intimacy

  • Experiential exercises utilizing the body and breath using black girl tantra techniques

  • Adult sex education on topics such as polyamory, bdsm swinging, communication, boundaries and consent, etc.

  • Homework at the end of each session

    (you must do the work to heal yourself)

These sessions are designed to help you:

  • Remove guilt, shame, fear and self-doubt from your body

  • Enhance your self-intimacy, and intimacy with others

  • Access your Kundalini energy

  • Learn to channel and direct your own erotic energy

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Get in touch with your sensuality

  • Exude erotic power and confidence

  • Live authentically and unapologetically



Sexual Freedom Coaching

Sexual Freedom Coaching

*This session can take place via video or in person.

Erotic Evolution Training

Erotic Reciprocity

This is an advanced erotic shaman training for those who have worked with me regularly, and are ready for advanced erotic embodiment connection and spiritual transformation. Or for some who have experienced a significant amount of erotic embodiment work, sacred sexuality work, and spiritual experiences.

You will learn and practice:

  • Advanced breath-work

  • Alchemical work with the elements

  • advanced erotic astrology

  • working with crystals, gems, oracle cards, pendulums and other shamanic tools

  • Deep work and connection with ancestors and ethereal allies

  • Deepening Kundalini Awakening

Erotic Evolution Training

Erotic Evolution Training


*This training is in person only. Typically in a group setting.