testimonials of brave bgt clients

Maisha’s genuine care about a person’s well being is immediately felt because of her warmth, openness, and sense of humor. It is wonderful being around her. She is deeply situated in her knowing, her intuition, her wisdom, her experience. The questions and concerns that I brought to her were heard with a deep listening heart and the inner guidance summoned through her was given generously with love and compassion. I highly encourage you to work with her as part of your healing, clearing process.

/ Gopika Nia /

I really enjoyed working with Maisha, her down to earth nature made me feel comfortable and at ease and open to practicing the exercises she provided. Maisha was amazing at helping me to understand the breakdown of my birth chart as well. She helped me to understand how to be empowered and in flow with different parts of myself that I did not know existed. If you are looking to free yourself and connect with your feminine power, Maisha can help!

/ Keisha Kells /

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving healing work from Maisha Aza.  She provided me with the comfort, release, and replenishment that I needed. Once I experienced Maisha’s soothing atmosphere, gentle tone, and warm touch, I knew that I was right where I needed to be.

/ Cazembe Abena  /

The Erotic Astrology consultation I received has given me the tools I need to reinvigorate my life. And to me, that is the whole point of the word “erotic” in this consultation; what vitalizes and excites me, and how can I use that energy to my advantage in multiple aspects of life? This consultation has helped me figure out these questions. The consultation was so detailed. I thoroughly recommend this to everyone that is even slightly interested, as it is so powerful. GodIs Maisha is doin the damn thang!

/  Bleau Celeste  /

Because I knew Maisha to have tremendous knowledge surrounding spiritual and sacred sexuality, I decided to explore her talents as a client. Before our session, we discussed everything that she was going to do and she was extremely easy to talk to about my own personal goals and what I wanted for myself. The first time she did work on me, she did Reiki and was able to spot the energy that needed to move throughout my body. The second time I had work from her, she spotted where I needed the energy to move in my body and was able to do that with several different techniques. I had a total spiritual awakening where I saw my ancestors and experienced an enlightenment that I had never experienced before. I literally felt all the electricity running through my body and this prompted me to get my body moving in ways that I had not experienced before. It allowed me to jumpstart on my goals for my business, body and really pay attention to what my higher self was telling me. Maisha is an amazing healer with gifts that can benefit us all. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing, who needs prompting/pushing and even those who are skeptical about spiritual and sacred sexuality work.

/ Marla Renee Stewart, MA founder of Velvlet Lips, LLC  /